Welcome to my blog.

My style of cooking and most the recipes you’ll find here are what I would describe as modern classics.  Nothing too fancy or fussy, but always mouth-watering and delicious.  Many of the recipes are things I’ve made for years. And some are things I’ve tried for the first time. Many new ones do not make it on, as they always don’t turn out as I expected. But, trial and error is a good friend.

I grew up in an Italian family. I remember my mom and grandmothers standing at the stove, stirring things lovingly in a pot as they simmered on the stove.  A pot of gravy was an all day effort of love that was so worth the extra attention you gave it.

The recipes you will find here are partially mine, partially hand-me-downs, and partially recipes that others have made that I love so much, I had to share. 

I recently discovered that art of baking. Particularly cupcakes.  They are so hot right now, I decided why not jump on that bandwagon.  I have my cupcake creations here and also on my cupcake blog, TiniCakes. The name for that came from a lovely friend, who would call me Tini (it’s the last part of my last name for those of you who don’t know me). I thought it was so adorable, that I started using it and thought it would make a great blog name for cupcaking.

Enjoy your visit to a foodgasm and please make sure to return for more.



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